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"DIY is much more than home projects. It is a lifestyle."

About DIY with Lacey

DIY with Lacey was found in 2019, after being forced to stay home. I was working from home in my make shift office, a.k.a. the living room, and I noticed the bare windows. I had lived in a house for two years without ever bothering to hang curtains! And never even realized until that day! For the next 20 minutes, I walked around my entire house, inside and outside, and couldn't believe all of the neglected, ignored and overlooked soon-to-be projects. First thing on my list, get some darn curtains! That week, I made my way into Home Depot to purchase a power drill and a circular saw. Why a circular saw? Go big or go home! And that was the birth of DIYwithLacey. And as a proud graduate of YouTube University, I spent the next few years DIY-ing everything!!! 


Fastforward to today, DIY has become so much more than home projects. It. has become a lifestyle. I realize now, I was a DIY-er long before I bought that power drill. Anytime I got enough courage to try it myself, I was a DIY-er. Over a decade ago, when I decided to cut the relaxer out of my hair and go all natural, with little information and no professional help, I was a DIY-er. When I purchased my first rental property with little to no guidance, I became a DIY-er. When I hung up those darn curtains, I was a DIY-er. DIYing is a lifestyle. A lifestyle I hope to inspire and encourage anyone reading this to jump into. 



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