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3 things you can do to update your bathroom on a BUDGET!

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Bathroom makeovers can get pricey. From plumbing to electrical, a bathroom makeover can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So here's a list updates you can do without burning a hole in your pocket!

  1. Paint. Paint. Paint.

Paint is first for a reason! Adding a fresh coat of paint to any room will give a fresh and new feeling. And the kicker is, you can literally paint everything! The tile floors, the bathtub, the cabinets, the walls, the light fixtures, the knobs. Literally, everything! Before painting any surface, always clean any grease or grime that may have collected there. Allow the surface to dry before moving on to the next step. Now you're ready to either sand your surface, if its wood, or use the Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit, which is great for showers and tubs.

2. Change the hardware

Changing the hardware to any cabinet will give the cabinets a new look. You can find cool knobs at almost any hardware store. Even places like Marshalls will sometimes sell funky knobs. And if all else fails, go to Amazon!

3. Update the mirror

My house had the ugliest builder grade mirror. But replacing the mirror was not in the budget. So frame it out. Use 1x3 or 1x4's, depending on how thing you want the frame. Cut the wood to the length of the mirror and cut each end at 45 degrees angle. Use heavy duty liquid nails to secure and VOILA!

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